Participation in volunteering is an important part of the AUT Edge Award, a co-curricular award open to all AUT students. The requirement of the Volunteering stream is that students must complete 50 hours of volunteering for a not-for-profit or community organisation.

Examples of volunteering work include (but are not limited to):

  1. 1.helping out at a local animal refuge

    2.providing support for AUSM events and others at AUT

    3.street collecting for a recognised charity

    4.working as a volunteer first aid or paramedic at a sports game or event

    5.working as a volunteer surf lifeguard; doing the accounts for a charity

    6.being part of a beach clean up

    7.volunteering for an op shop

    8.helping make lunches for Eat My Lunch or food for local school breakfast clubs

    9.helping with a reading programme or similar in a school setting

    10.sewing costumes for a play

Any opportunities you have for students that fit the criteria above may be advertised on AUT CareerHub