AUT Employability and Careers are open throughout the year, apart from the Christmas/New Year period.

  • AUT Employability and Careers and CareerHub (AUTCareerHub and NZUniCareerHub) enable employers to recruit:
  • Final year students for graduate positions to commence on completion of their studies
  • Mid and final year students for summer internships
  • Currently enrolled students at any level of study for part-time, school break and contract positions
  • Currently enrolled students requiring work experience that is relevant to their programme, e.g. practica, co-operative education work placements and internships
  • Recent graduates for graduate positions
  • Graduates who've already been in the workforce, looking to advance their career
  • Students for volunteering opportunities

AUT students at any level of study, Graduates and Staff are able to access CareerHub AUT for information on prospective employers and may attend Information Sessions, Career Fairs and other career events.

  • Employers using the services of AUT Employability and Careers must comply with the Human Rights Act 1993 (see Terms & Conditions)
  • AUT Employability and Careers does not select or recommend individual students for any employer or vacancy
  • Employers are expected to adhere to all arrangements confirmed with AUT Employability and Careers or to contact AUT Employability and Careers regarding any changes that may be required
  • We recommend that employers avoid university holidays and examination periods for presentations and interviews (see Academic Year Timetables)
  • AUT Employability and Careers reserves the right to decline to distribute or display any company publicity material which we consider inappropriate or which does not conform to our requirements, e.g., posters larger than A4
  • Employers are expected to treat students and applicants with respect and confidentiality at all times throughout the recruitment process and to keep them informed of the progress and outcome of their application
  • AUT University Staff, Students and Visitors are required to conform to the University regulations. AUT Employability and Careers may therefore, on occasion, be required to decline or limit a particular on-campus activity proposed by an employer
  • Material mailed out to students requires a disclaimer: "The University has sent you this information without disclosing your name and address details to us. By doing so the University has not endorsed our company, but is merely passing on information which it feels may assist you with job searching. You should make your own inquiries to verify any of the information given."
  • Teaching English Overseas Vacancies: In order to ensure vacancies for overseas English Language schools or recruiting organisations are legitimate, we require detailed information from the organisation about the business and written references from two New Zealand graduates who have had recent experience of being placed by the organisation. Please email this information to