Career Fairs 2019

Career Fairs are an excellent way for you, as an organisation, to tap into student talent. As an exhibitor or booth holder you can meet, chat and observe hundreds of potential employees at one time.

There is no charge for attending career fairs at AUT

Semester 1

Business & Economics – March 11 2019. REGISTER NOW

ICT & Engineering – April 3 2019. REGISTER NOW

Volunteering Expo - Tuesday 7 May 2019 REGISTER NOW

Semester 2

Hospitality, Tourism, Events & Culinary Arts - Wednesday 14 August REGISTER NOW

Law – Monday 19 August REGISTER NOW

Culture & Society (inc Education, Languages & Social Sciences) – Wednesday 21 August 2019. REGISTER NOW

Volunteering Expo – Tuesday 24 September 2019 REGISTER NOW

Employability Matters 2019 

Profile your brand and offer your insights during Employability Matters. These week-long series of events and workshops provide an intensive period during which students concentrate on developing employability skills and gain multiple exposure to industry leaders, insights and trends. Employability and Careers run two Employability Matters each year and we welcome your input.

Semester One: Monday 6 May – Friday 10 May

Semester Two: Monday 23 September – Friday 27 September

Other industry events

Would you rather join our Guest Speaker Series or do an individual Employer Presentation or participate in an Industry Panel? We are happy to discuss your involvement in other events on campus

Find out more

Contact our Employability Relationship Managers to see how you can become involved:

Rachael Marsters on 09 921 9999 x 9724

Victoria Marshall on 09 921 9999 x 7771