Support AUT's employability awards: AUT Edge Award & Beyond AUT Award

As well as good academic grades, we know employers are looking for essential employability skills of work readiness, resilience, collaboration, communication and the ability to step confidently into life’s challenges. 

Both the AUT Edge Award and Beyond AUT Award (for postgraduate students only) encourages students to strengthen these skills so they have an edge when looking for employment.

It acknowledges student involvement outside study and encourages students to widen their understanding of leadership and the workplace. The award is formally recognised with a certificate and the completed award appears on the graduate's academic transcript.

This co-curricular award has 4 parts and students must complete set projects in each of the following areas

  1. Volunteering
  2. • Employability
  3. • Leadership and challenge
  4. • Reflection

We are always keen to hear from new employers who would be keen to get involved in the fostering of employability skills and industry knowledge in our students including offering volunteering or leadership opportunities. 

If you would like to find out more or wish to become a partner, please contact Anna Williams.