How can we promote our graduate recruitment programme to AUT students?

There are a number of ways, including showcases on campus, information sessions on the programme, participation in a panel, event or speaker series as well as advertising through CareerHub. We recommend you plan promotional activity before exams begin, no later than mid October

What are the charges for attending career fairs and other events at AUT?
It is free for employers to attend or participate in any of our industry events at AUT.

Are CareerHub and the Employability services open to graduates after they have graduated?

Yes, graduates can continue to access CareerHub and attend presentations and career fairs etc for up to two years after graduating.

What are the salary expectations for students and graduates?

We do not offer guidance around salary expectations, but we would suggest that you refer to industry benchmarks and New Zealand employment legislation.

Do you endorse companies?

No, we let students know that we are passing on information, not endorsing.

Can employers put posters up on campus?

Only when the poster reflects an event or presentation that is on campus.

What is co-operative education?

Co-operative education or co-op is workplace learning that is a compulsory part of many of the AUT degree qualifications and part of what helps to make graduates work ready. Each discipline approaches this slightly differently. Contact us for further information on who to approach if you are interested in offering workplace learning.

What are the semester dates for AUT?


What are the different areas of study available at AUT?


Students talk about Elab Online? What is it?

Elab Online is the portal that CareerHub is located in, so it is the student facing side of the CareerHub job board.

What is the difference between AUT talenthub and CareerHub?

AUT talenthub is an on-campus recruitment service that involves our consultants working with you to write your job advertisement and short list candidates for you. CareerHub is a job board without the extra recruitment support, so you write your own ads and receive applications directly.

Our consultants work closely with employers to understand job requirements, helping put together the job advertisements and matching you with a short list of